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About us - TradeMark Edition - Worldwide Collection of Registered Trademarks
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About us

We continuously thrive to provide excellent service in today’s changing environment and to meet our Customers’ needs as much as possible.

Our specific goal is to significantly contribute to the business success of our Clients with the help of our promotional publication, which we wish to present in a long-lasting, traditional and sophisticated printed form.

We are committed to offer highest level of service to our Customers.

Our company was established with the purpose to present the newly registered trademarks and their owners and also to provide valuable help for participants of the global business world.

Our company provides a specific option, an extra space for business operators who represent clean market participation worldwide. The ongoing competition requires a lot of energy and money.

We are convinced that wide-scope professional knowledge, extensive experience, correct and reliable work are prerequisite for success.

Our goal is to support widespread business exposure by means of our catalogue.

Trademark Edition - About us